Get Involved

How can I get involved?

The first step is to make the commitment that clean and fair sport is the only true mark of a champion.

There are several actions you can take. First you can make a donation. Regardless if its $5 or $500, your donation will directly go towards the hiring, administering and testing of racers in our great State of Florida to ensure clean competition.

Second, you can pass the word along. Email thie link to this web site to your teammates, family, friends and any business associates. By passing the message along, you can become the catalyst for change to ensure all victories in Florida are true clean victories.

Third, visit our Facebook page and click “Like” to receive up to the minute updates on new initiatives as well as chat with fellow cyclists to create a conversation about the dangers of doping and the benefits of winning clean.

How can my team get involved?

Your team represents you and the State of Florida Cycling as a whole. By donating as a “Team” your team is taking the stance that there is no place for doping in our sport.
Your team will join a growing list of teams dedicated to the cause. Your team will be listed on the site as a “Clean Team.” The goal here is to create a strong community of like minded racers taking a stance. The goal is to have every team listed.

As the list grows, you can talk to friends of yours on teams not listed and ask them if they support clean racing in Florida.

How can my company get involved?

What better way to promote your company as a leader in the fight against doping in sport than joining as a corporate sponsor.  Your logo can be placed in all marketing materials from the website to facebook, articles in Florida Cycling to Banners and Flyers.
Clearly by visiting this site, you feel the need for a vehicle for change regarding doping in sport. This is your companies chance to gain the benefits of positive PR, make a tax deductable donation and support the cause.