FCRF 2013 Announcement

FCRF Announcement 2013

The Florida Bicycle Racing Association (FBRA) has signed the USADA 2013 testing agreement for Florida. There will be testing at a minimum of 4 events under the Florida Clean Ride Fund.

Please understand this is a minimum number of tests under the Florida Clean Ride Fund. There can be more, and that does not limit USADA from conducting other tests at any USAC sanctioned event in Florida or on any USAC license holder either in or out of competition outside of our agreement.

The Florida Clean Ride Fund is designed to promote fair competition through testing, to set an example for younger riders that victory can be achieved through training, to ensure those who place high are not accused falsely of cheating and to hold accountable those who wish to cheat through the use of PED’s.

USADA has been sent a list of all Florida USAC sanctioned events along with an indication as to what area of the state those events are located. This is to help promote an even distribution of tests throughout the state. Neither FBRA nor FCRF pick the events, categories or riders to be tested. Those decisions are the sole discretion of USADA. If you have any questions regarding testing procedures, selection, etc. please contact Andrew Morrison of USADA at amorrison@usada.org

100% of funds collected under the Florida Clean Ride Fund go towards testing. All graphic and other work is done on a voluntary basis. Teams, riders, and supporters can donate via Paypal, or by purchasing the new Florida Clean Ride Fund jersey produced by Podium apparel.